EngageLab have been involved in design of a project room in the National Gallery building dedicated to exploring and learning about Edvard Munch and his art.

Partnering with EngageLab on the Munch and Multimodality project was both rewarding and crucial for the development of our interactive project room at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design. Over a year long process, EngageLab allowed us to quickly develop rapid prototypes of interactive experiences. Through this process we were able to make decisions about the design and learning goals of the space. One goal of the project was to incorporate a broad variety of interactive technology in order to explore a variety of activities. Working together, we incorporated a multitouch table, QR codes, RFID tags and social media into four interactive stations. In addition to the development of these prototypes, the lab’s support was crucial for the installation and continued support of the room in the building of the museum’s National Gallery. Several of these initial prototypes (including a station where visitors could pose with Edvard Munch’s self portraits) have continued to be developed as both successful activities by the museum and to inspire my own research on embodied aspects of visitors’ meaning making practices. Project manager Rolf Steier

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