Enable is a NORHED funded design, development and competence building project with the overall goal of contributing to competence building among teachers and rehabilitation workers who serve persons with sensory impairment. The projects build on experiences from developing the media rich and universally accessible site Sansetap.no adapted to an East African context. The content will be of relevance for the Master program at Kyambogo and the programs at UDSM, KISE and primary teachers colleges.

Media rich content will help students acquire an understanding of concepts where words alone are inefficient. Linked to  the online published editorial content there will be connected a social website where the students can discuss and upload their own videos. The intention is to use existing social media solutions.

EngageLab will design and develop a hybrid solution which combines internet connection to local storage of video material. This is an intermediate solution that can be used until extended bandwidth and stable networks are becoming a reality. Within the next few years we assume many students will use smart phones and tablets, therefore the interface will be designed for handheld technology. Because of the universal design, the  web portal will be used in sign language training, and provide inspiration to others, dealing with design of learning materials and web development.

Project manager
Professor Bjørn Skaar
Dr. Yngve Refseth
EngageLab members
Ole Smørdal
Idunn Sem
Jeremy Toussaint
Types of engagement
Design work
Design workshops
Cross platform publishing
Social media integration