The overarching idea in VisiTracker is to develop an existing prototype from the CONTACT project into a market-ready product used to conduct visitor studies in museums, cultural heritage organizations and other institutions in the cultural sector. The aim is to introduce a new standard of practice in the field of visitor studies at a national level.

About the project

There is a real need for learning perspectives, practical methods, and innovative tools that can produce greater insight into visitors’ learning and engagement in the cultural sector. Informed by findings in visitor studies research, VisiTracker will support real-time recording and advanced analyses of observations of group behaviors and interactions, supplemented by survey data capturing attendance statistics and demographics.

VisiTracker is the name of the tablet-based application and portal service currently under development that functions as a research tool supporting real-time observation and analysis of behavior in public spaces. VisiTracker allows observers to collect demographic information about museum visitors or other public spaces, tracking their paths through the space and recording location, time, and types of interactions as they occur, e.g., gaze, dwell time, reading, writing, moving, holding, talking, pointing.

Visualizations of the analyzed data are available in representations such as graphs, heat maps, pie charts, and spreadsheets. In addition, VisiTracker may be used to conduct surveys, interviews, pre/ post testing, and video recordings, and to secure participants’ consent to collect data in keeping with ethics regulations.

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Project manager
Associate Professor Palmyre Pierroux
Rolf Steier
EngageLab members
Ole Smørdal
Jeremy Toussaint
Edith Isdal
Richard Nesnass
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Software development
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