The TWEAK project develops new designs and models that balance learner exploration and negotiation with more goal directed efforts to bring knowledge advancement more up front in school subjects.

EnageLab have contributed with design and development of a concept board and activity visualisation (for formative assessment) in the wiki, and designed and developed a note-sharing tool (Socius).

“EngageLab enabled the Tweak project to materialise our idea – to tweak and customise technology to better meet teacher and students needs as opposed to off-the-shelves solutions. Through iterative and participatory design processes with teachers and learners, we developed a concept board and activity visualisations.  Among its findings the project revealed challenges in introducing wikis in assessment practices in schools. The project led to the spin-off note-sharing application Socious.” Project Manger Associate Professor Ingvill Rasmussen

Read more at the project website.

Project manager
Associate Professor Ingvill Rasmussen
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