MAPPA assesses potential for commercialization as part of the YOURban project.  It investigates tools and means to create engagement and a sense of ownership and responsibility towards our physical, social and cultural world.

The experimental mapping approach derived from Urban Gallery differentiates Mappa from other mapping applications that represent more traditional approaches to map making. As such Mappa has more affinity to locative art practices than to more traditional GPS/GIS-types of mapping.

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Project manager
Professor Andrew Morrison
andrew.morrison@aho.noEngageLab members
Ole Smørdal
Idunn Sem
Jeremy Toussaint
Richard Nesnass
Edith Isdal

Faster Imaging
Harvard University
RMIT University
Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology

Types of engagement
Design work
Design workshops
Software development
Participatory design
Paper mockups
Usability studies
Digital archives
Social media (Instragram and Facebook)
Smart phones
Locative media
Big data