Barcode 6 is an excavated boat and said to close a missing link in Norwegian boat history. The boat have been reconstructed in an open workshop in front of the entrance to the Maritime Museum. The boat builder have documented the process, using a blog and Facebook.

EngageLab has been part of establishing an Experimental Zone at the boat lab where we have explored means and conditions for visitor participation in this process. We have given advices on the set up of blogs, video, and developed digital media that experiment with relations between the documentation of the reconstruction process and visitor’s media practices.

“EngageLab enabled the Barcode project to support mediation and documentation of the reconstruction of the excavated boat Barcode 6 using social media and screen based access for the public. The pilot-project revealed “experimental zones” as a design approach for collaborative design processes in museums real communication settings. This led to further research into how design processes in museums may be set up and how these may involve participants and visitors in museum communication”. Project manager, Professor Dagny Stuedahl

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Project manager
Professor Dagny Stuedahl
dagny.stuedahl@umb.noEngageLab members
Ole Smørdal
Idunn Sem
Jeremy Toussaint
Terje ThoresenPartners
The Norwegian Maritime museum
Types of engagement
Design work
Design workshops
Experimental zones
Participatory design
Digital archives
Social media (Blogger and Facebook)
Multi-touch screens
Multi-modal representations

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