Promotion & mentoring / Principal’s Challenge

Promoting an innovation competition and mentoring the finalist through their innovation camp and development week.

Inspiration Chest

Design & development of a participatory museum installation at the National Museum of Architecture and Design


CONTACT/Trango developed an experimental zone for visitor engagement and participation in a museum reconstruction process

CONTACT/Akerselva Digitalt

Akerselva Digitalt explores citizen participation through relations between social media platforms and historic photos of industrial heritage along the Akerselva


In investigating mixed reality arts GRIG looks at processes of integration and generation.

  • Museum installation prototype
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    Design Workshop / Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology

Design Workshop / Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology

The Design Workshops at The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology investigates various types of visitor involvement, immersive and game based interaction and conceptual learning.


MAPPA represents an attempt to add new modes of feasibility and content to experimental urban mapping methodologies using assets of locative media technologies.

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